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As The Jerkyls wheel goes round for Sunday Slide so does it's social gathering, SLIDE NIGHT.

SLIDE NIGHT will be on the Tuesday before Sunday Slide and is a grass roots get together about riding on dirt, whether you are a novice, a left turn enthusiast or a legend of the 70's who still rides. It's a place where boasting is encouraged and being immersed in Vintage Aussie Dirt Track nostalgia is a given.

Free entry, Vintage Dirt Films, "World Famous" DRIP TRAY RAFFLE, BBQ, YH Beers, Sliders, Trackers and Sleds on display.

Get off the couch, head on down, grab a beer, have a chat, catch up with mates, snatch a feed, meet someone new and see what all the fuss is about. See ya'll there!

Don't forget to check out the Sunday Slide event for more info on how to get on the track to ride!

Earlier Event: March 29
Later Event: April 11
Open Wrench Night