Adrian Sheather


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Adrian knows why dogs stick their heads out of car windows. He can't remember ever smiling as long as he did when he bought his SR400 (aka Rubie) and rode her home for the first time. Something inside him ignited and, like so many SR riders, started wanting to make adjustments to his machine to make it his own. At the time, living in a tiny apartment with no garage, he used allen keys from the IKEA bookshelf in his kitchen some basic hand tools to start making simple adjustments. This was where the idea for a communal workspace was spawned. Fast forward a few years and he and wife Heleana are assembling a team and crowfunding campign to launch Sydney's first communal workshop space for motorcyclists. Adrian's professional background is working in online optimisation and analytics for a mulit-national corporation, a partly finished MBA and a hands on approach to life.


Daniel Cesarano

Coffee addict

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Dan has been on a journey to find liquid gold for the better part of the last decade. Rumour has it he has come close twice, once after 3 days straight behind the machine drinking nothing but Chai, the other after a visit from a bearded sooth sayer who told him the secret was in the water. But they are just rumours. Dan has trained some of Australia's most well known and celebrated baristas, and more importantly worked with them himself. Having worked in the elite coffee houses of Single Origin Roasters in Sydney and Seven Seeds coffee in Melbourne, it is safe to say Dan sure knows his coffee (Al Pacino doesn't know coffee like Dan does). 

Dan also believes in 'service'. The perfect cup of liquid gold means nothing if it is not made with a smile, a warm welcome and by someone who knows your name. This you are guaranteed at Rising Sun Workshop.

And now the search continues...


Dimity Genaus

Resident Baker

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Dimi has scientific knowledge about how different fats (butter/oil/shortening) behave when they mix with sugar and egg and become brownies. She smiles when she bakes and would marry butter if it wasn't illegal or wrong. She is responsible for all the extra kilos the team put on in the lead up to opening RSW. 

With her scientific knowledge and Kitchenaid, Dimi creates all our sweet baked treats like her belgian chocolate layer cake with salted caramel butter cream or her italian style doughnuts filled with the perfect lemon curd. Did I mention the vanilla choc-chip sponge layer cake with peanut butter mousse, vanilla bean butter cream with biscuit and popping candy? Yeah... awesome!


Heleana Genaus


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Heleana is all about community and communications. For RSW she is the brains behind all branding and communications and carries our mission through to our actual premises. An advocate for integrity in everything RSW does and is, Heleana maintains all our communications are honest and to the point, with a flare of creativity for good measure. As the resident architect, her communications skills shine through in our fit out, creating a space that feels like your home away from home. 


Nick "the Word" Smith

Chef & Wordsmith

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In search of knowledge, Nick “The Word” Smith fell into a steaming bowl of soup the other day and has not been the same since.

He now has this thousand mile stare and mutters things like “the noodle has no end” and, “how can we create a truly kodawari bowl if you can’t even buy mejika soudabushi in this country?!” (We have no idea what this means either). What is clear is that he will allow no shortcuts, make no compromises and take no prisoners in pursuit of a bowl that nourishes both body and mind.

In his eyes, ramen = broth + noodles + toppings so there is no such thing as “authentic”. Everything can be modified and reinterpreted as long as it has respect for its’ origins and the parts used… much like the work going on in the motorcycle bays.

For The Word, nothing is written