Our Ramen

Our cafe & workshop share space, but more important are the views we share - that if we can make it ourselves, we will. That traditions guide but do not rule. Rising Sun Workshop does not support factory farming, what we buy in we buy local, from roasters, smokers, brewers, growers, winemakers & distillers who share our philosophies - our mates.

Our Ramen is where this philosophy started and continues to embody what Rising Sun Workshop is about. We have three variations of Ramen available every day for lunch, the Dark, The Light and the Monk.

The Dark is a Shoyu , the Broth is made with chickens, pork bones, shiitake and smoked hocks. The Tare is roast chicken infused with soy sauce. Topped with Kurobuta belly, black fungus, shroom, bamboo, egg, blackened onions and nori.

The Light is a Shiyo , the Broth is made with Bannockburn chicken and super dashi. The Tare is river salt, ocean salt, smoked salt, ginger, apple and onion. Topped with Kurobuta belly, greens, shroom, bamboo, egg, green onion and nori.

The Monk is a Miso, the Broth is made with Miso, weeds and mushroom. The Tare peppers, chillies, roast garlic and ginger. Topped with corn, shroom, greens, sprouts, bamboo, egg, green onion and nori. This particular ramen can also be made vegan on request.