Rims, Roast & Ramen

371 days ago Rising Sun Workshop went from an idea 3 people shared, to an idea made public that everyone would have opportunity to criticise, collaborate and be apart of.

What started as a 3 month long crowd funding campaign with what seemed an impossible goal of raising $35,000 from complete strangers, has grown into a community, an idea, and now finally a location.

Along the way we have grown in numbers, grown in supporters and now we have grown our collaborators...

We were approached by Harley - Davidson who wanted to see the idea come alive sooner than our timelines were allowing, and in turn were afforded the opportunity to open a semi-permanent space in Newtown, at 36 Lennox Street. As part of the collaboration, Harley - Davidson have donated a 2014 48 Sportster to Rising Sun Workshop to do a custom build on for Throttle Roll on the 10th of May, as well as sponsoring a bay in the workshop for our members to use.

We now have 7 weeks to assemble a team, come up with and finalise a design, do the build and deliver to Throttle Roll for an unveil.

However daunting this sounds, we take comfort knowing that we will be fed and caffeinated from the Rising Sun Cafe, where we are supplying Newtown with liquid gold (coffee) and non-traditional Ramen.

So come on down, say hi and see the build taking shape, lend a hand, or just grab a coffee and a Ramen and hang out.