+Do I need a membership to use the workshop?

Yes! This covers your insurance and any workshop maintenance for the duration of your time as a RSW member. Once you’ve bought a membership, agreed to the terms & conditions and completed your induction you can book in and wrench away!

+How often do I need to complete an induction?

Once, before you access the workshop for the first time.

+Can I drop in for an emergency fix?

You can drop in and use the workshop with out a booking if there bays available. If you have an emergency and need to use some tools for a quick fix on the way to or from somewhere, just wheel the bike in and we will sort you out!

+When do I need to adhere to the “Clutch-in line”?

Workshop members visiting RSW to use the workshop must adhere to this rule. Members visiting the café or not visiting but live nearby can exercise your full right to use any public roads. Our workshop team will be waiting for you to help you bring the bike into the workshop so please park it on the street first, make yourself known to our workshop manager and he’ll assist you in bringing the bike to your booked bay.

Leaving the building, members must not use any of the surrounding streets and head to King street directly from our building. Please do so quickly, if you need to idle or warm up your bike first, please alert our manager and he’ll walk you up to the “clutch-in” line.

+Where can I start up the engine to check on my bike before taking off?

Workshop members must wheel their bikes to the clutch-in line before turning on their bikes. Under no circumstances can motorcycles be turned on inside the workshop.

+Do you have a mechanic onsite?

RSW workshop staff come with a range of qualifications from mechanics to custom building to ensure members have someone knowledgeable to talk to. RSW is a D-I-Y workshop therefore we do not provide mechanic services however can point you to the right experts for the job you’re looking for.

+I’ve got NO experience working on motorcycles and have no idea where to start. Should I become a member?

Short answer: Yes!

Why? Because you are not alone. RSW was created for the amateurs, we believe (from experience) that all you need is the willingness to learn, and a place to start to be on your way. Many are surprised at what they can achieve once they simply start. For the cautious or not convinced, please come in and talk to our workshop or café staff about what you want to achieve at RSW before deciding whether RSW is the place for you.

+I’ve bought my membership. Now what?

Firstly, awesome! Secondly, make time to complete your induction and agree to the T&C’s before booking for your first workshop session. If you’re working on a whole bike and need a table lift, book in to one of our workshop bays. If you’re working on parts or engines and don’t require a lift, you can book in to the communal workbench station. Either work area you get access to all tools in the workshop.

+Yeah I get all that, but what I mean is, where do I start?

First time wrenchers we suggest you start small and allow at least 2-4 hours for your first session. You need the time to get familiar with the workshop and orient yourself around the task at hand. Think about doing one task at a time to build your knowledge of the bikes mechanics, things like; bleeding the lines, checking the oil, replacing clutch cables or whatever you need.

+What do you mean by “mechanics before aesthetics”?

A safe ride is a solid base for a smart ride. We believe wrenching is good for the soul and just like your soul it should be maintained. This means looking after it, making sure it rides well and safe before thinking about changing the look of it. This is your workshop to do what you want, however mechanics before aesthetics, like “form-follows-function” is a philosophy to building that we encourage and support.