Being social, on a Saturday, with The Jerkyls

Saturday Social. A novice, classics and moderns event brought to you by the guys and gals behind Sunday Slide, The Jerkyls themselves.

This ride and campout event is best explained as the smaller sibling of Sunday Slide. With just under 80 riders signed on, compared to the 120 at Sunday Slide, meant that ride time on the track was never longer than 15 minutes. With a solid 5 minutes of circle jerk time each run proves that heaven is not just a sliders dream.

Keep your eyes peeled on The Jerkyls Facebook and Instagram accounts for more info coming soon. The Jerks do cap their events so be on it!

Here’s to more Saturday Socials!… and Young Henrys! Yeeeww!

Photos by Faidon Christodoulou.