Roads We Ride | Part 2

Here is the second installment of ROADS WE RIDE, an initiative from Transport For NSW to approach rider safety in a more conversational, rider-to-rider way which we think is great, as it has actual riders talking about their favourite roads to ride, their bikes, and their advice and approach to rider safety. Itโ€™s also beautifully shot by our mates at Stories of Bike and Pipeburn, and also happens to feature our mates, so it really couldnโ€™t get any better than that in our eyes.

Champo is a really friendly and approachable guy, who is also a gifted rider on any bike and any surface.

This episode features one of Champoโ€™s favourite stretches of road, the Old Pacific Highway, where hundreds of riders from all around descend every Sunday to enjoy the riding and scenery the road has to offer.

We at RSW think this a great initiative highlighting why we ride, and it's great to see the topic becoming a conversation between riders that acknowledges the importance of safety and enjoyment, which in the end is why we ride.

Team RSW