Deus Bike Build Off | Bondi 2016

This was the first year we attended the Deus Bike Build off at the spiritual home of Deus, Bondi Beach, where we not only had one of our own amongst the judges but more importantly saw many entrants from within the RSW membership.

The annual BBO is becoming an important event for enthusiasts to work toward a deadline each year for their project builds. The core of the build off is to do the most with the least, where each entrant gets to talk about their build before a panel of judges and answer their questions. There was clearly a thirst for this kind of event for motorcyclists, where some drove their motorcycles from Melbourne for the day just for this event!

While there has to be a winner, as judges we decided there needed to be two separate categories for small bore and open class with three awarded positions to each to be able to capture the great range of ingenuity we got to witness. Click here to see who the winners and runners up were this year.