Our $20,000 target for prostate cancer

Participating in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is a global phenomenon, one of the biggest charity events around. The intent of DGR is to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men, acknowledging men are less likely to talk to each other or go to the doctor, DGR aims to give all men an opportunity, in a gentlemanly way, ask each other if they've checked their prostate... and check in on their mental health while they're at it.

This year, we've created a team for all the RSW regular members and any others to join us in riding in Sydney's ride and help us raise $20,000... why this much you wonder? Why not?!

If we hit the target, we've vowed to inject a further $2,000 to the tally.

The ride is on 25th September, click the button below for details.