Hey Jo!



Jo came in with her 1969 CL350. The bike is a beautiful blue with scrambler exhaust and all original. It was a barn find imported from states that apparently had a top end rebuild recently, however, the bike didn’t run quite right.

What’s awesome about this story is when Jo came in, she came with nothing but enthusiasm, a wicked sense of humour and passion for getting the bike running right.

Jo clearly had some experience on the tools and was instantly comfortable in the space, I later found out she learnt a lot from watching her dad work in his shed growing up, and that she has a Volkswagon Type 3 Notchback she has worked on.

The troubleshooting on the CL turned into an Alice-in-Wonderland journey, down the rabbit hole Jo fell. What started as a carb rebuild, turned into wiring gremlins, turned into timing and points issues, turned into lost compression in one cylinder, turned into a total top end rebuild, turned into a clutch rebuild, turned into a fuel delivery issue. All were approached with the same steadfast cheeky smile and well-manicured nails, and Jo did it all.

The highlight for me was when Jo came in one evening, frustrated her stator gasket had not yet arrived, she took things into her own hands. With a fresh roll of gasket paper, Jo schooled Andy and me on how to oil press and hand cut a new gasket that looked bought.

The bike now runs better than ever, but Jo is still dropping by to tweak the brakes, replace bits and pieces, and grab lunch with friends at the same time as throwing some cheeky jokes into the workshop.