Workshop Warming

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On the eve (or day rather) before Throttle Roll, we invited all those who pledged their support during our crowdfunding campaign in 2013 to get an exclusive look at the place before we opened to the public. We took the time to meet and thank everyone, ensure our esteemed guests were well fed from the yakitori and helped each find their name on a wrench on the wall of the workshop. Taking in their reactions was the most rewarding thing we’ve experienced to date.

The general feeling was of massive surprise from everyone. All who have been following our journey for the last three years, finally entering the space and seeing what we created… we exceeded expectation for most, which was also a surprise to us!

Many who had also volunteered their time were able to walk through and point to the wall they painted or timber column they ground and see how their help impacted a greater space. To punctuate the low-key event Adrian thanked everyone for coming and called out an additional seven people who went above and beyond to help us get the fit out completed. Many helped us a lot and these guys stood out to us as stars, regularly turning up to finish off what they started, bringing more creativity and enthusiasm to the project every time.

To these people, we gave lifetime membership and marked this with their own helmet bay, alongside the life-timers who pledged their support in 2013. Grown men cried… it was great to see! (In a positive way).

Thanks to Jon Mann, Andy Dorr, Geordie Tait, Alex Relic, Davros, Nick DaGreek and Errin Doyle for your compassion, creativity, support and hard work. 

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