Throttle Roll Street Party

Photos Kate Disher-Quill

This year Throttle Roll graduated from free motorcycle exhibition and live music event at the Vic on the Park pub to a full blown street party in the core of Marrickville. RSW has been a supporter of this event from the beginning, we’ve seen this event go from an idea for a fun party to a permanent fixture on the calendar for motorcycle enthusiasts. Now that the Sydney riding community has an event to work toward to display their builds, it’s provided an annual deadline to those projects we’re all working on. 

For the uninitiated, Throttle Roll was founded to provide a platform for motorcycle builders of all levels of experience (and seriousness) to showcase what is happening in the world of customisation… from the backyard builders to the professional workshops. Family and pet-friendly cultural event at its core, the upgrade from pub to street event still kept is neighbourhoodly experience and just made it even more accessible to the wider community.

Every year the demand from both the crowds and the builders grew, so event organisers turned to the crew behind laneway festival to coordinate a street party!

We set up camp to caffeinate the masses and talk about the workshop with some help from local barista-lebrity Sean McManus. We were happily camped between the live monogramming legends Hands Head Heart and Shannon’s Insurance.   

The best thing for us about the event this year was that we could actually tell people that we were opening in a week. Something we’ve been trying to tell people at this event for the last three years.

So to next year! We can't wait to see what builds may come out of RSW. We had a great time building the Hill-fighter for Throttle Roll 2014, let's start thinking about the 2017 Rising Sun Workshop custom build for display!