Nick DaGreek

Anyone who has been within earshot of RSW... no, Newtown at large... in the last two years, would have heard his bellowing voice and possibly been on the receiving end of some crude/offensive jokes, but Nick "DaGreek" is our pseudo son and loyal supporter. Nick has been there from the very beginning, helping to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign in 2013, handing out cards and telling anyone and everyone. When our pop-up was in operation in 2014, he was there every weekend lending a hand, always showing up with a new tool, apron or gadget that would make life easier for wrenchers.

He's helped us move in and move out... then move in again into our final location on Whateley street and again, during construction since June 2015, he has showed up every Saturday to help us get through the work. Needless to say, Nick is committed to the cause and by his persistent, unrelenting exposure has become family to us. Like with family, he makes us laugh when we need it, challenges us when we don't need it, and sometimes we [I] feel the need to apologise after him when saying hello to strangers and dropping pick-up lines to pretty women... in broad daylight... in the presence of their boyfriends. 

A heart of gold masked by some questionable morals, expect to see this face regularly once we open doors late this summer. RSW is and always be a place where people can be themselves, without excuse. A philosophy Nick DaGreek has been exploiting for years... and we couldn't be happier about it.