The Mercury | Another Throttle Roll build by RSW

 The Mercury by Sol Invictus

The Mercury by Sol Invictus

True to RSW form, we're working our amateur workshop skills on a stock bike to be unveiled at Throttle Roll this year. All last minute as per usual.

Last year it was the 2014 Harley Davidson 48 Sportster reborn as the RSW Hill Fighter. We were five weeks out from the event and had just opened our pop-up in Newtown, Adrian and our members were working down to the wire to get it ready to display. Our saving grace in such a short time frame (and seriously complex bike) was show worthy needs less work than a road worthy bike. It took many months after to get it ready for a shake down.

This year, we've partnered up with new-kids-on-the-block (and super nice guys) Sol Invictus to put their Mercury to the test, to see just how easy it is to customise. We've got less than four weeks, a temporary workshop at home (while we get ready to build our final home) and this time Sol Invictus is giving it away at the event... so that means the bolts need to be done up!

Our plan is to simplify the lines, we're thinking flat tracker/scrambler style with nothing too tricky to make it easy to maintain. We'll keep posting progress for your feedback as we go.

Throttle Roll, is in it's third year and is steadily becoming an important event on the calendar that sets the scene for what is happening in custom motorcycles from the backyard to the workshop... and it's free! RSW have been showing bikes every year. We look forward to unveiling the build and seeing everyone for a bevvy and a dance.

Did we mention we're giving the bike away?


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