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Often people ask us who is behind RSW and we prefer not to answer, RSW has really taken on a life of its own beyond the five individual business owners. That said, knowing how hard we all have been working I believed it worth giving some much-deserved attention to Adrian, Dan and Nick who have been getting dirty, trying to hold down day jobs, commitments to families and still keep RSW rolling on to an opening date... motivated by a whole lot of passion!

I've witnessed these three blokes handle some tough stuff during the process and emerge surprised at their own abilities.


Business planner, project manager, amateur bike builder and now... hustler. Adrian is the lynchpin in the RSW team, his country upbringing and family's D-I-Y attitude has all bubbled to the surface during the construction phase. He's also been managing relationships with lawyers, real estate agents, landlords, business bankers and local authorities to ensure all is fair and safe for the future of the community he loves. A total task master and a little OCD, when it comes to "doing things right" he's a total advocate. 


Dan has always been the "yes" man in the team. Nothing is too hard or unachievable. He also has an amazing ability to find a quick and good solution to anything and does it all through that cheeky grin. Somewhere in the last 6 months, he and partner Dimi managed to become parents (for the second time) and hold down part-time work so he can be onsite as much as possible. Managing daily on a couple hours sleep the man is a force of nature... (his bouncy energy probably the residue of decades inhaling caffeine). He was pretty much awesome at everything but revealed a total penchant for painting like a professional. 


Really happy to get his hands dirty in the kitchen, our renegade chef was a little reluctant on the tools at first but what he lacked in experience he made up for in enthusiasm. His persistence paid off and now a total weapon with a belt sander and a circular saw. At the end of most days on site Nick looked like he'd rolled in a pile of sawdust. Nick's almost obsessive focus proved an asset as he massaged out the patina in mild steel, meticulously laid floor boards, stained timber and oiled floors among so many other new found skills. Nick can now add to his list of alias's "The Floor Guy", along with "The Word" and "The Wolf".

We often joke that we'll miss this part of the journey, building something and having evidence of our hard work at the end of the day is always rewarding. But once we open our doors that same satisfaction will emerge seeing members get their hands dirty over builds, Adrian finally getting to work on his SR400, Nick working to satisfy his devoted following of Ramen aficionados and Dan converting visitors daily "caffeine-fix" into a ritual going out of your way for. 

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