Tale of Two Cities - Stories of Bike

The tale of two cities saga is complete! We're sure Cam from Stories of Bike was getting bored of us with so many other riders waiting to be part of his hummingly popular video series on everyday riders. Cam is a keen supporter and has been with us on our journey (and filming a lot of it), we'll miss having his buzz around us and ask us challenging questions!  Here is all three of the series documenting the Sydney and Melbourne communal workshops and H-D 48Sportster builds unique to each.

Part 3

The conclusion to the Two Cities series sees both workshops, Rising Sun in Sydney and Kustom Kommune in Melbourne, complete their Harley Davidson 48 Sportster custom builds in time for their meet-up. They both reflect on their journey and what it took to complete the biggest project they've undertaken so far and the workshop communities that made it happen.

Part 2

The story continues between the Rising Sun Workshop in Sydney and The Kustom Kommune in Melbourne. Both communal workshops have taken to the builds of their Harley-Davidson 48 Sporters, engaging their communities and managing all the set-backs and challenges that come with a customising any bike.

Part 1

Two cities, two communal bike workshops, two bikes and one build competition. We follow Melbourne workshop, Kustom Commune and Sydney workshop Rising Sun as they face off against one another to build a custom Harley 48 Sportster. This is Part 1 of a 3 part mini-series.