Thank you Newtown

Reflecting on the last six months operating our pop-up in Newtown we could not have asked for a better place to call home. Newtown welcomed us with open arms as soon as they saw we were doing something a little bit different.  It helped when they noticed we were able to deliver high quality coffee, consistently soul-nourishing bowls of ramen... let's not forget the carrot cake! 

Newtown is one of the final beacons in urban Sydney where the local community actively supports communal initiatives. It takes a lot to surprise Newtown locals, you can walk down the street in your pyjamas (like Jess below) and no-one would be distracted. But when you're doing something unique to their suburb, like open a communal workshop and ramen bar in a warehouse space that used to be a yoga studio/gallery space/student loft/sausage factory/go-kart workshop/everything space then they take notice and tell their friends about it.

Newtown just got it, they got the hybrid nature of our business, they contributed to the atmosphere and let us treat them like they returned home every time they came through our flagged threshold. 

These are just some of the wonderful moments we've shared with Newtown during our pop-up tenure and hope to continue in the not to distant future.


Heleana Genaus

Heleana is a force of nature. Our Editor in Chief, the founder of In Venus Veritas and The Petrolette, and a co-founder of Rising Sun Workshop. Heleana shares her love of vintage cars, riding motorcycles, and (not-so-secretly) dreams of flying planes and piloting a riva aquariva (a la Sophia Loren) very fast through the canals of Venice. Supportive and connected, community is her lifeblood, and she is as real as they come.