The Harley-Davidson and RSW Hill Fighter

The build was based around a 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster 48 that Harley-Davidson Australia gave to Rising Sun Workshop to build, with the brief being to capture the Rising Sun philosophy and challenge what a Harley-Davidson build could be. We received the bike in early April and were tasked with having it complete for Throttle Roll on the 10th of May. We had the bike ready for the show, as in it looked like it was complete, but there was still some work to do to finish it. We then spent the next few months finishing the paint and the getting the bike running and tidying up the electrics. We finally got the bike finished... for now.

 Photo: kate disher-quill

Photo: kate disher-quill

Here is the list of all the modifications we made to the bike:

  1. Brembo 4 pot front calliper 
  2. Roland Sands Diesel front rotor
  3. Custom made flat tracker race plate with offset headlight mount
  4. HID Xenon projector headlight
  5. Biltwell Zero Drag handlebars
  6. Exile Cycles internal throttle and twist clutch
  7. Custom XR750 style alloy tank made for the Sportster
  8. Biltwell Sporty seat
  9. Grip Ace switch unit and custom wiring to integrate into the HD CAN-BUS system
  10. Mid mount peg mounts with Joker Machine pegs
  11. Joker Machine speedo side mount
  12. Performance Machine combined sprocket and disk calliper
  13. 6" extended alloy swing arm from Track Dynamics
  14. Custom rear fender
  15. 13" Blistern Arnott Air Kit
  16. Custom Rising Sun Workshop motif paint from Crow's Custom Paints
  17. Roland Sands Design Clarity Air Filter
  18. Custom Stainless Steel Exhaust from Evolution Custom Industries

This build would have not been possible without the support of Harley-Davidson Australia, our members, particularly those who contributed ideas, time, expertise and skills, local experts from painters and fabricators, as well as photographers, videographers, directors and composers who helped get the build out into the world and online. We don't have space or time to mention how they contributed, but we want to sincerely call out and thank Lew, Jon, Geordie, Relic, Zaya, Franco, Nick, Nick Da Greek, Victor, Paul, Stephen, Tyler, Rodrigo, Davros, John Vella, Jim McGorty and James McBride from Silodrome for helping make this build a reality.