RSW Historic Vehicle Club Membership


RSW Historic Vehicle Club Membership

from 30.00

This purchase is for an annual membership of the Rising Sun Workshop Historic Vehicle Club.

Memberships are to only be purchased by the owner of the historic vehicle and renewed yearly.

Active RSW Workshop Members pay only $30 and non RSW Workshop Members pay $60. Another added benefit of being part of the RSW Communal Workshop.

For any questions please contact us before purchasing or click through on image above for more info.

Current RSW Member?:
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The basic process to receive Historic Registration, whether it is currently registered or not, is;

1. Get a hand written Pink Slip.

2. Obtain a Bill of Sale or Proof of Purchase.

3. Pay for 1 year RSW Club Membership.

4. Fill out a Historic Declaration Form and Application for Historic Vehicle Registration Form with us at RSW (this is flexible though).

5. Go to any Service NSW Branch with your original ink stamped Historic Declaration Form, Application for Historic Registration Form, Proof of Purchase/Bill of Sale and Hand written Pink Slip to register your vehicle. You receive registration paperwork and number plate once finished. CTP Green slip is included in the registration cost and is supplied by the RMS.