Rising Sun Workshop
Rising Sun Workshop



Single payment for a lifetime Level #3 Ronin membership

Welcome to Rising Sun Workshop! Our premium-level membership for the committed.  For those making RSW their second home, our lifetime members become family within Rising Sun Workshop and have wrenching an essential part of their lifestyle.

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Getting Started – Workshop Induction

Before you get greasy at Rising Sun Workshop ensure you’ve been inducted into the workshop for safe and best practice. We hold two inductions each week that last 45minutes, please see for when these are held.


Membership Agreement

All membership holders need to read, sign and agree to the membership agreement terms and conditions. These can be viewed at, we will provide a copy during the induction for completion.



1C Whateley Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042


Workshop Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday 10am -8pm

Sunday 10am-3pm


We look forward to seeing you work on your freedom machine and building your knowledge base as well.